Our Taxation Service

Most people and businesses in the UK have to pay a wide variety of taxes. These can range from income tax to inheritance tax. It is perfectly legal to look for ways to avoid paying tax and we can help you formulate a plan to reduce your tax bill. Our main aim is to make sure that you do not pay anymore tax than you have to so we will use all our skills to find legal ways of reducing your tax bill. We will also keep you up-to-date with all the latest tax law and how this could impact on the amounts and types of tax you may have to pay.

Advising on taxation issues is not simply about "doing a job" for a client. It is about giving the best possible advice tailored to the circumstances and needs of a particular client. That means having both up to date technical knowledge to an appropriate level and the practical and sensible application of that knowledge to benefit clients.

For many years, there has been differences between the treatment of expenses which might be described as subsistence payments and/or allowances. Getting the treatment of expenses wrong can cost employers dearly. There has also been some unease between the requirement to disclose legitimate reimbursed business expenses on forms P11D. For example, the officer may claim that tax should have been deducted from certain subsistence and travel expense payment

If payroll records have not been kept correctly or the wrong amount of tax has been deducted this could raise issues with HMRC. We can deal with HMRC on our clients behalf, you should not wait until there is a HMRC inspection, it may be worthwhile asking us to carry out a review of your payroll procedures. Any problems can then be identified and resolved before a HMRC inspection takes place. It is very easy for an officer from HMRC to find fault with the records of even the most organized and honest employer.

If an Inspector finds something amiss with the current year's records, HMRC will usually cast doubt on the figures for the previous six years. Quite apart from the extra work created, the employer will have to make good any underpayment of tax/NIC, even if this arose out of a simple misunderstanding, together with interest and penalties.

If you have a tax problem, a tax headache or are simply worried about something, if you want a second opinion or more detailed advice why not give us a call or email us. You can use our service whether you're a taxpayer, an FD, a business owner or an accountant.

If you decide to appoint a tax adviser to help you with an enquiry, you’ll need to fill in form 64-8 to authorise HMRC to speak directly with your adviser.

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